Climate change is the singular issue of our time. It poses challenges in almost too many areas to count: ongoing business risk, real property, investment and finance, transportation, energy, supply chains,conflict and national security, lifestyle and culture. If climate change is affecting you—if it isn’t already, it soon will—it’s also going to affect your legal relationships. Centric Law will help you recognize, manage and navigate the challenges and opportunities that you and your business face in a climate-changing world. Centric Law is a consulting practice with the added benefit of legal expertise and capability. Whether it’s recognizing the risks you face from climate change, or implementing a legal or business strategy to manage them, or both, Centric Law has the tools and the vision to help you weather the oncoming storm.

Sean Munger, the principal of Centric Law, has years of experience as an attorney in real estate and general business matters, as well as a Ph.D. in environmental history focusing upon the history of climate change. His mission is to help business, institutional and individual clients understand what risks—both legal and environmental—they face from climate change, and what to do about them. Dr. Munger focuses on the “long view” approach that will help you position yourself in a world we’re headed for that will undoubtedly be very different than the one we live in now.

*Dr. Munger is an attorney admitted in Oregon.