Sean Munger


Dr. Munger is a practicing attorney (licensed in Oregon) with many years of experience in business and transactional law. He is also a respected academic, dynamic speaker and teacher. Here is what he can do for you through Centric Law.

C.V. / Qualifications

  • Ph.D., University of Oregon, 2017
  • M.A., University of Oregon, 2012
  • J.D., Tulane Law School, 1998
  • B.A., University of New Mexico, 1993
  • Bar Admissions: Oregon

Dr. Sean Munger, senior consultant at Centric Law, the climate change consulting division of the Rose Law Firm, combines his academic experience as an expert in the history of climate change with his considerable past experience practicing law for more than a decade. He practiced at two of Portland’s largest corporate law firms, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt and Tonkon Torp, has also managed his own practice. Sean is also an experienced teacher and academic, having developed and taught a groundbreaking course on climate change at the University of Oregon and contributed peer-reviewed articles to international journals in climate and environmental history. His unique skill set reaches across disciplines and practice areas to be able to take both the “long view” of climate change challenges as well as an understanding of how, as a practical matter, to help businesses and organizations navigate them.

Inside the Mid-Manhattan Library in New York
Photo by Rob Bye / Unsplash

Publications and Presentations

“Avoiding Dispatches from Hell: Communicating Extreme Events in a Persuasive, Proactive Context.” Climate Change Management, 2018 (publication pending).

“Enjoining Warming: Using the Law to Mitigate Climate Change.” Presentation at 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference, Tacoma, WA, October 9-11, 2017.

Ten Years of Winter: The Cold Decade and Environmental Consciousness in the Early 19th Century. Doctoral dissertation, University of Oregon, 2017.

“The Weather Watchers: Amateur Climatologists and Environmental Consciousness, 1810-1820.” History of Meteorology Journal, Vol. 7 (2015), 14-24.

“When Americans Understood that Weather was Connected to Larger Forces,” Zócalo Public Square (September 2015).

“1816: ‘The Mighty Operations of Nature’: Societal Effects of the Year Without a Summer.” Madison Historical Review, Vol. 10 (May 2013).

“Bill Clinton Bugged My Brain!: Delusional Claims in Federal Courts.” Tulane Law Review, Vol. 72, Issue 5 (May 1998), pp. 1809-1852.

Representative Experience / Notable Transactions

  • Ongoing consulting relationship: Our Children’s Trust, an organization representing numerous youth plaintiffs in litigation (Juliana v. Trump) asserting that, through the government’s actions causing and exacerbating climate change, the federal government is violating the youngest generation’s fundamental Constitutional rights. [Centric Law, August 2017-present] Juliana v. Trump is going to trial on October 29, 2018!
  • Developed and taught an upper-division university course (History 410/415), “Climate in History,” focusing on the history of climate change with emphasis on anthropogenic causes, reactions and the historical context of climate change events. This course had never been taught before when Dr. Munger introduced it in 2015; he also adapted it into an online format. [University of Oregon, 2015-2017]
  • Represented (as counsel) timber maintenance organizations—including one with over $1 billion in forestry assets—in numerous transactions balancing environmental objectives, such as carbon sequestration or sprawl prevention, with economic ones. [Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, 2006-2009]
  • Represented (as counsel) seller of a major industrial property with complex environmental and financial issues, successfully negotiating and closing a series of transactions that had defied, for 7 years, all previous attempts at resolution. [Solo practice, 2005]
  • Served as associate attorney, practicing broadly in the fields of commercial real estate, taxation and general corporate and business law, assisting clients as diverse as insurance companies, an art museum, wealthy (and non-wealthy) individuals, and agricultural businesses. [Tonkon Torp LLP, 1998-2004]
  • Senior Managing Editor, Tulane Law Review [Tulane Law School, 1997-1998].

Conferences Attended

  • Companies vs. Climate Change, Miami, FL, November-December 2017.
  • 8th Annual Northwest Climate Conference, Tacoma, WA, October 2017. (Spoke/Presented)
  • American Society of Environmental Historians Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, March 2017. (Spoke/Presented)
  • Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, New Haven, CT, July 2016. (Spoke/Presented)