Centric Law offers legal services for the sustainability, renewable energy and climate change community.

  • Benefit corporations: qualifying as a B-Corp, tax advisory.
  • Clean power and resources: Power Purchase Agreements, entity formation & governance
  • Loans and financing: securities law; private debt and equity; grants and donations
  • Commercial agreements: understand the fine print
  • Real estate: leasing, purchase and sale

Centric Law is a division of the Rose Law Firm, with access to legal expertise in numerous fields.


  • Are you a law firm who wants to position themselves to deal with climate change as an emerging practice area? Centric Law can help you help your clients deal with climate change in all its complexity.
  • Are you concerned about your business’s or your organization’s potential vulnerability to climate change, but you don’t know where to begin? Centric Law can help you identify your challenges and opportunities, and plan for possible climate scenarios.
  • Do you want help in communicating effectively, to stakeholders or decision-makers inside or outside your organization, the material risks of climate change and what you can do about it? Centric Law can help craft and deliver your message to motivate action.


  • Dr. Munger is an experienced and dynamic speaker who communicates on many topics regarding climate change, including the intersection of climate change and business, climate messaging to motivate action, why we don't have to "debate" climate change anymore, and helping businesses think critically to become smarter and more resilient companies.

Businesses and entities in the sustainability and climate change space need legal help, just as their counterparts in the "traditional" economy do. But they also need an adviser who understands the broader importance of their work. Whether you're a small start-up just getting going, or an established business entity pivoting toward a climate-changed future, Centric Law will help you navigate the changing legal and economic world. You've made a commitment to sustainability and climate responsibility--shouldn't you have a legal adviser who understands that commitment?