Speaking Engagements

I am a professional speaker, historian, consultant and attorney at Centric Law (bio and credentials here). I am the historian who sees the future. I'm an engaging and dynamic presenter with long experience of connecting with diverse audiences. I speak on climate change (particularly the intersection of climate change and the business world), history and historical methods, critical thinking, and law. My presentations are custom-tailored to the audience, always informative and fun, based around actionable knowledge.

Here are some selected presentations I've given and will be giving:

The Age of Transformation: What Business Needs to Know


I help business leaders see the wave of societal-level change that's about to hit them, so they can future-proof their businesses and ensure their survival.

The world is changing, dramatically and rapidly. A wave of societal-level change, driven principally by climate change and generational shifts, is already starting to transform the business world and the economy. It takes a historian to see the ripples of this wave of change about to break over us, and it takes someone versed in the language of business to explain how you can position yourself, your business and your industry to surf this incredible wave of transformation. Most of your competitors don't know the wave is coming, and they can't surf!


The Sea Also Rises: History & Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest

Given at McMenamins Olympic Club, June 26, 2018, and several repeats pending
The history of global warming goes back farther than you might think, and it involves people you might not have expected to find on the front lines of climate change--many of them connected to the Northwest. From Lewis and Clark squinting at antique thermometers to UW scientists drilling holes in Arctic ice, the Northwest and its people have been a crucial part of the story of climate change.


Enjoining Warming: Using the Law to Mitigate Climate Change

Given at the Northwest Climate Conference, Tacoma, WA, October 9, 2017
As the effects of climate change ripple outward through every facet of our society, lawyers and the law are increasingly becoming involved in climate change issues--and not always where you'd expect to find them. Insurance and risk valuation, securities and corporate law, stranded assets, real estate and commercial financing, and commercial litigation are all areas where the law is intersecting with climate change. Dr. Munger explains how lawyers can "move the needle" on mitigating climate change, both inside and outside the courtroom.

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